What you get for being a member

As a member at VF247, we are proud to have a real sense of community within the gym. As soon as you start training at VF247 bodybuilding gym, you feel like you can be yourself but become anyone. That’s the support our professional experienced staff will offer you.

Strength Training

Build power, burn calories, what more would you want? We have PTs that will help you do it right!


Dedicated professionals to help you pack a punch. Boxing sessions are great for cardio and self defence!

Weight Lifting

Lean, mean, muscle building machines. We have every piece of gym equipment you can think of to target every muscle in your body!

Muay Thai

The “Art of Eight Limbs”. Learn how to use your hands, elbows, feet, knees, shins the right way. A full body workout to say the least!

Aerobic Fitness Programmes

From Zumba to Yoga, we have regular sessions you can join to  burn calories with your bestest of friends in the funnest of ways!


You get full access to clean and modern facilities. Showers, lockers and spacious bathroom facilities.

Gym Plans

Choose the program for you!

  • Upfront Payment

  • Basic Pack
  • 12 months 23,000B
  • 6 months 15,000B
  • 3 months 9,000B
  • One visit 400B
  • Join Now
  • Direct Debit Payment

    Customer's Choice

  • Premium Pack
  • Per month 1,917B
  • Per year 23,000B
  • Only for 12 months
  • 30 days cancellation notice required
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A staff member will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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